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Mont-Calvari is a building located above the Port of Arenys de Mar, in the Maresme region.

Originally, during the 16th century, a chapel was built on Mont-Calvari. According to oral tradition, this chapel was founded by Hippolyte Doy who, as a penance for having murdered his wife in an act of jealousy, built it by papal order. This hermitage became an emblematic place for fishermen.

Narcís Serra acquired this place in 1892, and built a spa. This spa was transferred in 1906 to Enric Nel·lo, who transformed it into a modernist hotel.

During the Spanish Civil War, this hotel was used to house some of the refugees that Arenys de Mar took in, as well as members of the Republican army.

Once the Spanish Civil War was over, in 1948, this hotel was remodelled to transform it into private homes. In this reform, this building took on the appearance that can be seen today, with the chapel integrated, and almost swallowed up, within the same housing complex.