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The Monastery of Sant Pere is located next to Monestir Street, in the urban centre of Camprodon, in the Ripollès region.

The Monastery of Sant Pere was founded in 950 by Count Guifré de Besalú. Currently, only the church of Sant Pere, built in the mid-12th century, remains.

The church of Sant Pere has a Latin cross plan, with five square apses. Inside, the ceiling is supported by a pointed vault and reinforced with fajon arches. In addition, in the apses we can see semicircular windows.

In the transept of the church there is a large dome. On the outside of the dome there is an octagonal rim that serves as the base for the two-storey tower bell tower. On the first floor of the bell tower, there is a semicircular arch opening, and on the second floor of the bell tower, there is a double window on all four sides of the bell tower.

The entrance door is formed by three decaying arches, together with two cylindrical archivolts that are supported by columns on the sides.

Some of the capitals of the disappeared cloister of the Monastery of Sant Pere can be seen on the altar of the church of Santa Maria de Camprodon, as well as the Art Museum of Girona.