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The Masferrer House, also known as Puigsec Masferrer House, is a building located in Don Miquel de Clariana Square, 5, in the urban centre of the city of Vic, in the region of Osona.

The Masferrer House is made up of a ground floor, two upper floors and an attic, with a tower-shaped elevated body.

The main façade has a strong baroque character, and is covered with sgraffitoes that draw classical elements. On this facade we can see the entrance door, with a lowered arch, with a window on each side. On the first floor there are three balconies, and all the openings have a split pediment at the top. On the second floor we can see three square windows.

To the left of the main façade we can see a raised courtyard, at the railing of which there are four statues representing the four seasons of the year.

The highlights of this building are the different decorative elements. We can see painted glass, in the windows of the tower, as well as wrought iron elements, with floral motifs, in different parts of the building. But the most singular thing, without a doubt, of this building, is the two beam heads, cut, that are under the cornice of the main facade. These beam heads, which denote the wealth of the original owners of the Masferrer House, represent two men with their mouths open. These carvings are painted, and you can still see the painting.

In this building, in 1860, it became the headquarters of the Literary Circle of the city of Vic. Furthermore, in 1867 it was also home to the Esbart de Vic, where the poet Jacint Verdaguer stood out.