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The Main Theatre is a building, in the neoclassical style, located in Església Street, 45-47, in the town centre of Arenys de Mar, in the Maresme region.

This theatre was inaugurated in 1828, and is considered the oldest theatre in Catalonia. Its construction was promoted and financed by Josep Xifré. In 1895, this building was restored, but in 1928 it was practically in ruins. That year, 1928, this building was acquired by the Societat Coral l’Esperança, and was remodelled.

In 1943, this theatre was transformed into a cinema, and a theatre performance was not performed again until 1992. In 2002, this building was ceded to the Town Hall of Arenys de Mar, and a major remodelling was carried out, which was inaugurated in 2005.

The most characteristic feature of this building is its main door, which is flanked by two large columns. On the first floor, we can see three windows, the central one subdivided by a small column, and the façade ends with a triangular pediment.