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This house, located in the centre of Ripoll, is also known as the House of the Marquès de Dou, the Old Casino or Cal Fideuer. It was designed by the architect from Vic, Josep Maria Pericas, and was built in 1908.

This building combines modernist elements, such as the sgraffito tower, or the curved openings with a use of mosaic and brick, with the simplicity of the noucentista style.

This building consists of four floors with a tower in the corner. All the openings in this building are framed with exposed brickwork, using brick as a decorative element. In addition, at the top of the tower we can see elements of wrought iron, as well as sgraffito of a bear. One of the other striking elements of this building is the chimney that runs along the façade like a brick prism.

During the Spanish Civil War, this building was requisitioned and used as the headquarters of Esquerra Republicana de Ripoll. Furthermore, in the events of May 1937, the carabineros installed a machine gun in this building to control possible armed uprisings.

After the Spanish Civil War, a factory and noodle shop was installed in the ground floor of this building, and it is for this reason that this building is also popularly known as Cal Fideuer.