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The Hill of Comes Bernat is located between the houses of Ca l’Angera and Comasolives, next to the village of Sant Feliu Sasserra, within the municipality of Oristà. This is a hill surrounded by fields of crops and a royal road.

On this hill a legend about magic and witchcraft has been preserved. According to the legend, many years ago, when a young girl passed by this hill alone, a very elegant young man dressed in white appeared to her. If a group of people passed by, the elegant young man did not appear.

When the elegant young man appeared, he would stand next to the young girl and accompany her, without saying anything, until the first houses of Sant Feliu Sasserra were seen.

According to the people of Sant Feliu Sasserra, the appearance of this elegant young man was the work of the Witch Felipa Gallifa.