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The Gorg Negre is a pool located in the Sorreig stream, within the municipality of Sobremunt. We can reach this pool from Sobremunt, Sant Boi de Lluçanès, Sant Bartomeu del Grau or Santa Cecília de Voltregà.

Hidden in the Sorreig stream we can find the gorg negre, a spectacular natural spot. This pool also has different waterfalls that make it an idyllic place.

A few legends located in this place have been conserved, since the people of the zone thought that in this pool lived different witches and sorcerers. These witches and sorcerers were responsible for the worst storms that ravaged the Vic plain. To create these storms, the witches could use different methods. One of these methods was to throw arsenic and plants into the pool, which created a chemical reaction that created a large column of steam. With this steam, storm clouds were created.

Another method was to make a bonfire next to the waterfall. The smoke from the campfire carried the drops of water to the sky, and storm clouds were created.

Another method was to chop the waters of the pool with a wooden stick. As the water minced, the drops rose to the sky and storm clouds were created. Once the storm was created, witches and sorcerers would direct the clouds wherever they wanted.

Another preserved legend tells us that the Gorg Negre has no bottom. Apparently, this pool is a direct entrance to hell. A man wanted to check the depth of the pool, and for that he threw a stone tied to a rope. After a while of leaving the rope, he heard a voice telling him that he would never find the bottom. The man, frightened, left quickly.

Another legend tells us that on a very black night, a peasant passed by the side of the pool and found a very greasy ram with a very good presence. He thought that someone had lost that animal, and tied it to the tail of his horse because he wanted to keep it for his flock. When they passed through the pool, the ram went mad and started to pull so hard that it dragged the horse and the peasant towards the pool. When he was in danger, the peasant cut the rope with a knife, and the ram said “you were lucky to have carried the knife”. Then the ram threw itself into the well and disappeared into its depth, and the peasant quickly left that place.