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The Gorg de la Llana, also known as the Riba Mill Pool, is a pool located to the east of Sant Feliu Sasserra, within the municipality of Oristà. In the past, wool was washed in this pool, giving it its current name.

The gorg de la llana is a natural swimming pool of great beauty, and is irrigated with the waters of the river Bassi. In addition, this pool has a small waterfall.

In this point a legend is conserved. According to the legend, in this pool lived some women of water, also known as nymphs or witches of white magic. They did not usually do anything to anyone, and always came out of their burrow when it was night.

One day, in summer, two seasonal workers decided to go for a swim in this pool, once the working day was over. To have fun, the two boys began to make competitions to see who could hold their breath the most. Without realizing it, it became night, and the women of water came out of their burrow.

When the water women saw the two boys, they grabbed the most handsome by the ankle, and led him to the bottom of the pool. The friend, seeing that his companion did not leave, began to look for him. It became black night, and the companion postponed the search for the next morning.

The next morning, the boy returned to the wool pool to see if he could find his companion. He was thought to be drowned, but, to his surprise, he was found sleeping next to the pool.

It turns out that if a man bathed in the pool of wool, once the sun set, the women took him to the bottom of the pool. During that night, the women used the man as a sexual object, and the next morning, they left him, safe and sound, next to the pool.