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The Giol Oak is a monumental oak tree located in front of the church of Santa Coloma Sasserra, within the municipality of Castellcir.

At this point, we can see the Roble del Giol, an oak tree of about 17 meters high, with a trunk of about 4.50 meters in perimeter. The crown of this oak is about 20 meters wide. It is a spectacular tree where the seasons are well marked.

In 1987 it was declared a Monumental Tree of Catalonia.

There is a legend that refers to the Giol Oak. According to the legend, in 1231, when Saint Anthony of Padua travelled from Padua (Italy) to Coimbra (Portugal), he did so with a flying horse given to him by the archangel Saint Michael. During his journey, Saint Anthony of Padua made several stops to rest. One of these stops was in front of the church of Santa Coloma Sasserra, as they saw a large oak tree with an extensive shadow. It is said that while Saint Anthony of Padua, together with his winged horse, rested under this oak, great wonders happened.