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The Gallows Hill (Serrat de les Forques) is a hill located to the north of the town of Sant Feliu Sasserra. From its top, you can enjoy a great view of the whole Lluçanès, and the mountains of Montserrat.

This hill is to the north of the town of Sant Feliu Sasserra. At its feet, several tombs were located. Some people believed that they were the tombs of the witches executed in Sant Feliu. However, these tombs were from the middle Ages, and corresponded to the first settlers of Sant Feliu Sasserra.

During the 17th century, the gallows that executed people accused of witchcraft were located on this hill. This is where all these people were hanged. The choice of this hill was not casual, but it was intentional. From this point, all the people who arrived at Sant Feliu Sasserra, could see the hanging bodies of the people accused of witchcraft. This fact served to send a clear signal to the population, whoever committed a crime could end up on the gallows. We must think that the bodies of the people who were executed were left to hang for several days.

Nowadays, this hill is crowned by a gazebo built at the beginning of the 20th century. This gazebo has an octagonal plan, and on each wall there is a large window. In addition, each of the walls ends in a point, giving a crown shape to its roof. This gazebo was built by the Vilaclara family, to enjoy the views that this hill offers.