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A century-old bakery with a family tradition, established in Prats de Lluçanès since always. The shop is located in the centre of the old town and next to the parish church of Prats de Lluçanès.

Today it is the fifth generation of bakers, and work continues in the old-fashioned way, with long fermentations of the dough’s and all handmade. We are the only bakery in town that cooks its products with a wood-fired oven (Our oven is more than a hundred years old).

Specialized in traditional bread, various cakes (typical of the area) and for 15 years we have been making our own pastry, always with the best ingredients.

The pastry shop: we prepare braços de gitano, cakes of cream, truffle, cream, cream and truffle, the typical Sant Jordi, Lyonese, roscoe and everything handmade and personalized to the taste of the client.

The long or baker’s coca is the star coca of the house; it is made in the same way as the old generations, with its little dots of aniseed and cooked one by one. Highly valued locally and consumed in all kinds of events.

Round egg with multiple varieties, such as pine nuts, raisins and pine nuts, cream on top or inside, fruit and pine nuts, angel hair and pine nuts, and with the possibility of filling them all with cream or truffle. Our Products are highly valued for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other traditional days.

Giving the customer the best product with a close and warm treatment and that the customer feels at home is our purpose.

C/ Major, 50

Tel. 93 856 02 84

Prats de Lluçanès