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The Fontermona Farmhouse is located in the south of the Badia Mill Mountain Range, west of Sant Feliu Sasserra, within the municipality of Sant Feliu Sasserra, on the Lluçanès plateau, in the Bages region.

The Fontermona farmhouse is a country house in which a legend has been preserved. According to the legend, many years ago, in this house lived a family in which the man had a very bad character. It seems that the father of the family did not have a good relationship with the rest of the family. He was so unpleasant that one day his wife threw him out of the house, and the man was forced to go and live in a shack. Before the man left the house, therefore, the man told his wife that he would not lack for anything, but that he would not share it with the rest of the family.

Years went by, and the man was about to die. At that moment, the wife of the Fontermona farmhouse accepted that her husband would return home so that he could spend his last days.

When the man died, the gravediggers went to look for the body in Fontermona farmhouse so they could bury him. The problem was that where the deceased was supposed to be, they found a large stone. They looked for the dead man’s body, and they didn’t find it. So they decided to bury the big stone as if it were the dead man.

They say that when the family took the man away from home, he sold his soul to the devil so that he would not lack anything. In return for this deal, after he died, the soul was the devil’s, and the devil went to get it and take it to hell.