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The farmhouse El Grau is located next to the church of Sant Agustí, within the municipality of Sant Agustí de Lluçanès.

This building dates from the 18th century. In fact, on the lintel of the entrance door we can see, sculpted, the year 1758.

On the main façade of this building we can see a large entrance portal made of worked stone. The wooden door does not originate in this building, but comes from the old Cathedral of Vic. Above this entrance door there is a coat of arms with the heraldry of the Marquis de la Cuadra, the former owner of this house. During the nineteenth century, this house was reformed, and on the ground floor, we can see a chopped stone door with the year 1886 sculpted.

The upper part of the house, also renovated, has small semicircular arches. We can also highlight the sundial, very degraded.