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El Vilar de Sant Boi is a large house in Sant Boi de Lluçanès.

This house has been documented since the 13th century. However, the current building dates from 1735, and the adjacent galleries date from 1777. The Vilar is a large building with a square body and a tower in the middle. There are different elements to highlight, such as the neoclassical entrance, and some faces carved with animal motifs that are on the roof of the main facade.

To the right of the house there are two porticoed galleries with lowered arches that communicate with a small square tower.

During the Carlist wars, this house was used by high-ranking members of the liberal and Carlist armies, such as the Count of Spain or Prince Alfonso, brother of Charles VII. In addition, during the third Carlist war, a large printing press and the Palace of Intendancy of Catalonia were established in this house, from where all the events of the Carlist war were controlled.

A legend has also been preserved in this house. According to legend, many years ago, this house was inhabited by a leprechaun. The goblin was a naughty being who liked cleanliness and order very much. His hands were pierced, and he was the nightmare of those who lived in Vilar de Sant Boi. Every night, the Goblin entered the house through the keyhole of the door, or under the doors or through the cracks in the windows. Once inside the house, he always made sure that the table was in order, the dishes were clean, the home was swept and everything was tidy. He also went to see the pantry, to make sure nothing was wasted. If he found something he didn’t like, he would go up to the maids’ rooms and not let them sleep. The leprechaun was also very fond of animals, and after going through the house, he would go to the stables and comb the manes of the horses and mules.

The leprechaun was a problem for the inhabitants of Vilar, and they tried to throw him out several times. To make him flee, the maids scattered grain on the floor of the kitchen, since the Goblin could not collect it because his hands were pierced. But all attempts were useless. In desperation, the inhabitants of Vilar decided to change houses, but even so, the elf followed them wherever they went.

We don’t know if the Goblin still goes to this house every night, or if he got tired and looked for another house.