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The Demons’ Pool is located in the Gorgues stream, within the Esquirol municipal district.

This pool is located in a place of great natural beauty, where you can enjoy nature and tranquility.

Pools are places that can be very dangerous. Furthermore, people believed that witches and sorcerers lived in these places, and that they were also a gateway to hell.

In the Demons’ Pool a legend has been preserved that shows us the popular belief that wells were an entrance to hell. According to the legend, many years ago, two farmers in the area wanted to check the depth of the pool. These farmers were from Cal Campes and Cal Intentas.

To be able to check the depth of the pool, they took some ropes and tied a stone in one of the points. They pulled the rope with the stone into the pool, and left the rope behind. They lengthened the rope, as they could not find the bottom of the pool. After a long time they heard a voice that said to them: ” Throw, Intentes, Throw, Campes, that with other strings you will not arrive”. It was the same demon who told them that the pool had no bottom. When they heard that voice, the two peasants left in a hurry, and never came near this pool again.