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The convent “Ca les Monges”, is the current headquarters of the Town Hall of Les Preses. This building is located at Carrer Major, 2, in Les Preses, in the region of La Garrotxa.

Formerly, this was the convent of the Carmelite sisters in Les Preses. In addition, this building also housed the Sant Rafael de Les Preses school, which was opened in 1859 and lasted until the 1980s, when the Les Preses Town Hall was established.

During the Spanish Civil War, this building was confiscated by the Anti-Fascist Militia Committee. One of the uses of this building was to house the refugees who arrived in Les Preses throughout the war. In addition, during the war there was also a newly created nursery.

Once the war was over, this building was returned to the congregation of the Carmelite sisters, and the school of Sant Rafael de Les Preses was reopened.