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Next to the parish church of Sant Feliu Sasserra, we can see the old conjuratorium of Sant Feliu. The conjuratorium of Sant Feliu consists of a covered balcony, which was originally open to the four winds. The roof of this roof is supported by stone columns. At this point, is where the priest of Sant Feliu sheltered by common storms and hailstorms.

The belief of the existence of witchcraft, made the population afraid of the consequences of their actions. One of these fears was the devastation of the storms that witchcraft caused. Within the popular belief, one of the ways to fight these storms was the Catholic religion.

To try and stop the storm clouds, different methods were used. One of these methods was the ringing of church bells. In this case, the sound waves from the bells prevented the storm clouds from moving forward.

Another method was the religious rituals that the priest performed at the conjuratorium. At this point, the priest could conjure up different prayers to stop the storm clouds. Olive branches or blessed laurel branches were also burned, as their white smoke stopped the storm clouds. In some preserved legend, it is said that the priest, when he saw the witches on top of the cloud, threw them out. With this attack, the priest managed to make the witches fall, even though the shoe found her a few kilometers from the conjuratorium.