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Confluence of the rivers Ges and Ter

Torelló (Osona)


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Next to the Torelló football field is where the rivers Ges and Ter meet. Nowadays, this confluence of these two rivers can be observed thanks to a bridge.

This place is of great natural beauty, and there is a legend related to the union of these two rivers.

According to the legend, thousands of years ago, when the sea recently stopped covering the Plana, there was a small river that surrounded the mountains of Vidrà. It was the river called Ges, and he felt lonely.

On a stormy night, the clouds and the wind spoke to the river Ges of the existence of a river much larger than it. A river that ran valleys, plains and mountains, and always carried a large amount of water. It was the river Ter.

The river Ges, determined to prove it, began to move a lot. As it moved, it began to erode the soil, and it began to make its way through the sawmills of Curull and Bellmunt, advancing to Sant Pere de Torelló. From there, he already felt his companion.

However, when he saw it, he was frightened, as it was a very large river. The river Ges wanted to turn around, but it was too late, and joined the river Ter.