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The Civil War airfield is located in the north – east of the Mare de Déu de l’Ajuda Sanctuary, between the municipalities of Balenyà and Tona.

The Spanish Civil War began in 1936. At that time Spain had the Second Republic, and a military coup attempted to overthrow the republican government. The war began after the military coup d’état triumphed in some areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Civil War lasted until 1939, and pitted the Republican army against the Franquist army.

In the context of the Civil War, the two armies had to build different infrastructures in order to face the war. In the case of the Republican army, it built, among other buildings, different airfields.

The plane of Vic was a place that aroused much interest to build airfields, since the orography was ideal. Thus, we know that 4 airfields were built in the Plain of Vic, one of which was built between Balenyà and Tona.

In the case of the Tona – Balenyà airfield, construction began in 1938, and it was made up of two runways. In addition, a total of 9 shelters were built to protect all those who worked in this airfield.

Some of these shelters have been recovered and can now be visited. Others, due to the degradation of time, make it impredictable to be able to visit them.