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The church of Santa Maria is located next to the church of Sant Pere, in Monestir Street, in the urban centre of Camprodon, in the Ripollès region.

The church of Santa Maria was built during the 11th century, by order of the monks of the monastery of Sant Pere of Camprodon, to be used as a parish church. This church was restored on several occasions, and currently has a marked 14th century Gothic style.

The church of Santa Maria has a single large nave, divided into four sections by semicircular arches. The apse of the church of Santa Maria is polygonal, and is reinforced on the outside by buttresses. On the outside we can see a large belfry.

Inside there are still two side chapels in the Gothic style. We can also highlight the chapel of Dolors, of Baroque style, built between 1710 and 1722.

In the presbytery there is an altar supported by four Romanesque style capitals. These capitals are probably from the disappeared cloister of the monastery of Sant Pere.

This church was fortified with the construction of a rectangular tower.