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The church of Santa Maria is the parish of Alpens, and is located in the urban nucleus of this small village.

The origins of this church can be found in the fifteenth century. One of the original remains is the bell tower, which is made of irregular stones linked with lime mortar.

During its history, for that reason, this church has undergone different modifications. The building we see today, was rebuilt in 1708, and has a marked Baroque style. The entrance door to the church is flanked by two ornamental pillars, each culminating in a pinnacle. Above the door, there is a small chapel, currently without any figure.

Above the main door, there is a porthole that gives more clarity inside the building. The main façade ends with a curvilinear roof and a pinnacle at its highest point.

This church was burnt during the first Carlist war (1833 – 1840), and was restored between 1840 and 1845. During the third Carlist War (1872-1876) this church was the protagonist of one of the most important battles of this war. On 9 July 1873, the famous Battle of Alpens took place in this municipality. This battle pitted the Carlist and Elizabethan armies, and on this occasion the Carlist army was victorious. Apparently, the shot that killed the Elizabethan brigade Joseph Cabrinetty was fired from the bell tower of this church.