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The church of Santa María is located in the middle of the village of Folgueroles.

The first news we have of this church is from 1060. During the 13th century an atrium was added. During the eighteenth century was built the facade, baroque style, and the belfry.

The church has a single nave with a semicircular apse. Originally, it seems to have had three apses, two of which were demolished and replaced by the sacristy and a side chapel, in the seventeenth century.

The conserved apse has a decoration of blind arches between lesenes, as well as three double-spilled windows. The nave is covered with a barrel vault, and the apse with a quarter sphere vault.

During the 18th century, the great Baroque façade and the belfry were built. The entrance door has arches in degradation of half a point, with archivolts supported by two columns on each side, with capitals decorated with vegetal and figurative motifs. There are also three quadrangular windows on the façade.

The main façade ends with a large belfry bell tower. There are also 5 stone pinnacles, each crowned with a sphere.

During the Spanish Civil War, the façade was destroyed, as well as some Gothic-style sarcophagi and the Baroque altarpiece. This church, during the war, was used as a garage. After the war, restoration work was carried out to restore the religious activities of this building.