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The church of Santa María de El Catllar is located within the municipality of Ripoll. This church was built on the site of an old castle belonging to the Counts of Cerdanya.

A single-nave building, covered with a barrel vault, this church was consecrated on January 1, 1040 by Abbot Oliba. This church was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1428.  Due to this earthquake, the barrel vault had to be rebuilt. In 1835, this church was abandoned.

Nowadays, we can see the remains of three walls, as well as the start of the barrel vault. However, some legends have been preserved that are located in this place.

One legend tells us that some people believed that in the old castle of the Catllar there was a mine that went to the monastery of Ripoll. Some others also said that in an old mine; there was a jar full of ounces of gold buried, although this has never been found.

But surely one of the most interesting legends is one that tells us about the wrath of God. Apparently, two women wanted to pay penance to God by going up on their knees to Santa Maria de Catllar. When they were about to arrive, one of the women said, “If God wants, we will go to Santa Maria. The other woman, tired, answered “Whether he wants to or not”. When God heard this, he struck the woman who had offended him with lightning. Since then, there is a mound of stones in the exact place where the lightning struck the woman who had offended God.