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Church of Santa Maria de Corcó

Esquirol (Osona)


The church of Santa Maria de Corcó is in the middle of the municipality of Esquirol.

The first news we have of this building dates from the 10th century. Originally, this church was located in the old farmhouse of La Bertrana. During the 18th century, between 1721 and 1743, with the enlargement of the village of Esquirol, a new church was built in the middle of the Esquirol nucleus. The architect of this building was Josep Moretó.

During the Spanish Civil War, the church of Santa Maria de Corcó was destroyed and only the bell tower remained standing. In 1940 it was rebuilt under the directives of the architect Josep Maria Pericas.

This is a church with a single nave of great amplitude. The presbytery is covered with a quadripartite vault. Inside the building it is decorated with different paintings.

The main façade has a triangular gable. The entrance portal is rectangular and is framed with stone, leaving, at each end, a niche where the figures of St. Joachim and St. Anne are. Above the main door, there is a circular porthole.

To the north of the building is the tower belfry, which has a viewpoint at the top.