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The church of Santa Coloma Sasserra is located to the north of the urbanization of La Penyora, within the municipality of Castellcir, in the region of Moianès.

The first documentary mention that we have of this church dates back to 939. It can be said, therefore, that in spite of having a medieval date, this church was reformed during the 17th century.

The church of Santa Coloma Sasserra has only one nave, with a semicircular apse. Different chapels, with a rectangular floor plan, as well as a sacristy, were attached to this apse during the 17th century. The church is covered with a barrel vault, and the apse has a quarter sphere vaults.

The main entrance door is formed by a semicircular arch. Above the door there is a moulded porthole, and above it a window.

The Romanesque remains that we can still see in this church is the tower belfry, which has blind arches, and dates from the 11th century. The apse dates from the 12th century, although it was extended during the 17th century.