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The Church of Santa Anna is located in Santa Anna Square, 1, in the city centre of Mataró, in the Maresme region.

This church was part of the old school of the Piarist Fathers of Santa Anna, and has a Latin cross plan with three naves and a dome over the transept.

The most striking feature of this church is the main entrance, which has a marked baroque style. This entrance was built in 1789 by the Piarist Brother Josep Guàrdia. The door is flanked by two columns placed on a pedestal and with Corinthian capitals. Above, there is a pediment in the centre of which is a niche with an image of the Virgin.

Inside the church of Santa Anna, we can highlight the Chapel of the Sacrament, where there are paintings by Jordi Arenas and a sculpture by Jordi Puiggalí.