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The church of Sant Vicenç de Prats de Lluçanès is located in the centre of the village of Prats de Lluçanès.

This building was built between 1627 and 1649, after Prats recovered its parish functions. That year, it was decided to build a new building located about 500 metres north of its old location.
This is a large church, formed by a nave with side chapels. Initially, this church was covered with a barrel vault, but this cover is no longer preserved, as it was destroyed during the Civil War.
The entrance door is a semicircular arch of exposed stone, framed by two pilasters adjoining with an entablature and a triangular pediment. Above the door there is a small rosette. The bell tower has a square floor plan and was built in 1854.
This church had a baroque altar inside, but was destroyed during the Civil War. In fact, on July 23, 1936, with the arrival of militiamen from outside the municipality, all the religious images of the church were removed and burned in the Balsa de los Toros. From the Civil War, the remains of bullet holes are also preserved on the east façade.
Currently, the altarpiece of the church has been designed by Canales and A. Gras. This altarpiece, although it contravenes the Bible, has the representation of God in its highest part. In this case, the representation is of a bald man with a white beard, holding a ball in his hand.