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The church of Sant Pere de Perafita is a parish church located in the centre of the village of Perafita.

The first news we have of this church dates back to 1074, and it has been considered a parish church since 1121. The only remains of the Romanesque building is the tympanum, which has been inside the church since 1986. This tympanum represents a theophanic vision of the Maiestas. Thus, you can still see the silhouette of St. Matthew, represented by an angel, St. Mark, represented by a lion, St. Luke, represented by a bull, and St. John, represented by an eagle.

The current church was built in the eighteenth century, and is a large rectangular building. This building has a single nave, with side chapels and a bell tower with an octagonal plan.

The main façade has a large rectangular portal, above which there is a relief of a cross. The façade also has two portholes that illuminate the interior of the building.

The façade ends with a rounded roof, where five triangular pinnacles can be observed, with a spherical ball, made of stone.