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The church of Sant Pere is located on one side of the Major Square of Les Preses, in the region of La Garrotxa.

The first historical news that we have of the church of Sant Pere are of year 922, and it was consecrated the 1119. Due to the earthquakes of 1427-28, the church of Sant Pere collapsed. The present church is a 19th century building in neoclassical style, in which we can see a double bell tower inaugurated in 1911. The present church has three naves separated by large columns.

During the Spanish Civil War, the church of Sant Pere was sacked during July 1936. We understand, therefore, that the building was little damaged, since during the spring of 1938, the church of Sant Pere served as a dormitory for one or two platoons of the Special Sections of the XVth International Brigade during their training.

Once the Spanish Civil War was over, the church of Sant Pere was restored.