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This church of Sant Pere de Serrallonga is located 500 metres from the house of Comià, in the municipality of Alpens. Originally, this church was known as Sant Pere de Villalonga, and appears in the documentation since 938. It is not until the thirteenth century that this church is known as Sant Pere de Serrallonga.

This church is a single nave building with a rectangular chancel. Inside, the separation of the apse with the central nave is made with a triumphal arch with a surpassed profile. The current roof was made in 1837, with a wooden beams crowned with Arabic tiles. The apse is covered with a barrel vault. The entrance door is on one side, and is crowned by an arch. The sacristy was added in 1837. In addition, this church has a small belfry.

Inside, there is an adjoining altar made of painted wood. This altar dates from the second remodelling of the church, carried out in 1627.