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The church of Sant Martí is located in the centre of Sant Martí d’Albars. This church has been mentioned since the 10th century, being a branch of Santa María de Lluçà. It is not until 1154 that it appears as an independent parish.

The current church is a building built in 1774, and has a Baroque style. The building has a great width, and is built with stone bound with lime mortar. The main door has some corner pieces made of worked stone. Above the door, there is a voussoir with a plain coat of arms and a niche that served to locate a figure of Saint Martin.

Above the main door, there is an ox’s eye that provides more illumination inside the building. The main façade ends with a curvilinear roof that is followed by tiles. The roof of this building is gabled with Arabic tile.

Another noteworthy element is the bell tower, which has a quadrangular floor plan and is topped with a balustrade.