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The church of Sant Marçal de Relat is located 300 metres south of Mas Rovira, at kilometre 58.7 on the road between Avinyó and Sant Feliu Sasserra, in the municipality of Avinyó, in the Bages region.

The first documentary news, preserved from the church of Sant Marçal de Relat, dates from 951. In this mention, this church is documented as a parish. It is not until the 17th century that the church of Sant Marçal de Relat ceases to be a parish, and becomes a suffragan of Santa Eugènia de Relat.

This is a single-nave church, with no apse or decoration. Practically nothing of the original building has been preserved, as it was extensively transformed during the 17th century. In fact, in these remodelling works, the Romanesque vault was replaced by a Gothic one, just as in 1775 the apse was replaced by a square presbytery.