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The church of Sant Jaume de Fonollet is located next to Mas Fonollet, within the municipality of Sant Bartomeu del Grau.

Although the building can be traced back to the 11th century, the first documentary mention dates back to 1257. The current church has not been much altered throughout history, and one of the remarkable changes was the change of location of the gateway, made during the twelfth century.

The church of Sant Jaume de Fonollet has a single nave, covered by a barrel vault and reinforced by a toral arch, and communicates with the apse with a presbyteral arch. In the apse, there is a flared window. In addition, on the outside of the apse there is a decoration made with a frieze of blind arches.

On the west wall, there is a cross-shaped window. At the top of this façade, there is a belfry, converted into a bell tower covered with a square floor plan, in the manner of a small communicator. In fact, in this bell tower, the priest said different spells to avoid the storms created by the Witchcraft.

The main door is next to the main façade. During the twelfth century, there was a change in the location of the portal, since it was originally in the north wall. In this door, although we can observe the medieval scrap dealer.