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The church of Sant Esteve is located within the urban framework of Tavèrnoles, a municipality in the Osona region.

This church was built by the Viscounts of Osona in 1069. This church was reformed and enlarged in 1728, year in which different side chapels were built, and a new entrance door was opened.

This church has a single nave covered with a barrel vault reinforced by two toral arches, and a semicircular apse with three double-spilled windows. You can still see the Romanesque entrance door, which is walled up, which had a semicircular arch.

Outside we can see a Romanesque decoration of Lombard type, with arches and blind windows between lesenes, and saw teeth.

The current entrance door is rectangular in shape and is framed by sinuous shapes. Above the door there is a circle, and the head of the door ends with a triangular shape. Above the portal there is an inscription that reads “1728 STEPHANUS VIDIT COELOS APERTOS VIDIT: E INTROVIT HOMO CVCOL”.

Near the apse there is a slender tower belfry, with a square floor plan and protruding two storeys from the height of the nave. In this bell tower we can still see four twinned windows with a column of measuliform capital on each floor. There is also a Lombard-style decoration, with arches, lesenes, corner pieces and sawtooth frieze.