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The church of Sant Bartomeu is located in the town centre of Sant Bartomeu del Grau. This church is the result of the relocation of the old parish church during the 18th century.

The current building was designed by the brothers Joan and Josep Font, from Manlleu, between 1780 and 1787. With a square base, we can highlight the main façade of this building. The entrance is preceded by a lateral staircase. The building is made up of three naves separated by semicircular arches resting on square pillars protected by pilasters of little relief. All the naves are covered with a barrel vault with lunettes over semicircular arches.

The large entrance door is flanked by a lowered arch with two columns that mix baroque and neoclassical style. Above the entrance door, there is a coat of arms with the initial date of its construction, in 1780.

Above the door is a chapel with a sculpted statue. Above this chapel, there is a large porthole that gives clarity inside the building. The main façade ends with a curvilinear tester that is followed by tiles. In the main part, there is also a stone pinnacle.

On one side, we can see the bell tower that ends with a terrace of neoclassical style. In this bell tower there are still two magnificent bells, the Bartomeua and the María.