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The church of Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues is located next to Mas el Vilar, in the west of the municipality of Tavertet, in the region of Osona.

The first documentary evidence we have of the church of Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues dates from the 11th century. In these mentions, we talk about Sant Bartomeu Gorga or Ça Gorga. It is not until the 18th century that Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues is mentioned.

The church of Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues has a single nave, with side chapels and a semicircular apse much narrower than the nave. The nave is also covered with a barrel vault and a pointed vault. The apse has a flared opening.

The entrance door is made with a semicircular arch. Above the door there is a rectangular window and a belfry converted into a tower.

We can see how this church takes advantage of different stones from old constructions, as it has been remodelled on different occasions.