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The church of Sant Andreu is located next to the Small Raft, in the municipality of Castellcir, in the region of Moianès.

The first documentary mention we have of this church is from the year 1032, and it was dedicated to the apostles Andrew, James and John. During the 17th century it was reformed.

This church has three naves and three apses. From the original apse, the circular apse on the north side is still preserved, which has blind arches between Lombard-type lessens. The central apse has a rectangular floor plan, and the apse on the south side has been hidden with the construction of the current sacristy. The naves are covered with a barrel vault.

Inside there is a heart supported by columns with sculpted capitals. It seems that this heart was part of an old Romanesque atrium.

There is a legend about the location of this church. It seems that the Lord of Castellcir decided to build this church in a point that could not be seen from the Popa Castle. He decided to do so because, apparently, the lord of the castle murdered the old priest of Castellcir.