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The church of Sant Andreu de Llanars is located next to the country house of the Vila de Llanars, within the municipality of Prats de Lluçanès.

Although the place of Llanars is documented in the year 997, the church is not mentioned until the year 1034. This church maintained worship until the Civil War (1936-39).

This church has a nave with a semicircular apse. The nave is covered with a pointed barrel vault, and the apse has a quarter sphere vault. The entrance door is located on the south side of the church, and is opened by a semicircular arch. In this wall, there is also a flared window, as well as the window of the apse. The lighting is completed by a cross-shaped window on the west façade.

On the west façade there is also a tower bell tower with a quadrangular plan and a gabled tile roof. The bell tower is divided into two levels of windows. The lower level has four large windows with semicircular arches. The upper level has four twin windows, half split by columns with truncated pyramidal capitals.

In July 1936, during the Civil War, this building was looted and burned and lost its cult.

During 2017, in the second campaign, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, of exhumations of the Spanish Civil War mass graves, a mass grave with four individuals was located inside the cemetery of this church.