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Sant Agustí de Lluçanès is a dispersed village with different urban centres. In the centre of Sant Agustí it is next to the road that takes us to Alpens from Sant Quirze de Besora. At this point, we find the church of Sant Agustí.

Many people associate the origin of this church with the year 905, as it is mentioned in the document of the restoration of Santa Maria de Lluçà. It should be said that it is the only mention we have of this church in the tenth century, and does so with a forged document that is after the eleventh century. It is for this reason that we believe that the origin of this church is the eleventh century.

The current building dates from the 18th century, when the side chapels we can see were built. From the original building, the belfry is preserved, although it has been modified.

This building is built with stone linked with lime mortar. On the lintel of the entrance door we can see the date 1734. On the right façade, on the lintel of a small window, we can see the date 1716.