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The Church of Marcús, also known as the Church of the Virgin of the Guide, is located at the confluence of Cardener Street with the Marcús Square, in the centre of the city of Barcelona.

This church was built by order of the Marquis of Marcús, and work began in 1166. This chapel was part of a hostel / hospital on the way for the poor, as it is located on the old pass of the road to France. Different muleteers who undertook their journeys first passed through this church. It also became a horse exchange point for travellers.

During the 14th century, the chapel became the headquarters of the brotherhood of the ” Tortera of the mailbox “, formed by the postal service of the Marquis of Marcús. This brotherhood was advocated to the Virgin of the Guide, and was the first postal organization that existed in Europe.

In 1401, the hospital of Marcús disappeared, since the five hospitals of the city were centralized in the hospital of Santa Creu. With the union of the hospitals, only the church of Marcús was preserved.

During the 18th century, different buildings were attached to this church, which led to the elimination of its apse.

The belfry, the roof and the window of the main façade were rebuilt, during the 19th century, in neoclassical style.

The last refurbishment was carried out in 1996 under the patronage of the courier company SEUR.