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The church of La Pietat is located in the Pietat Square, next to the Roman Temple, in the urban centre of Vic, in the region of Osona.

The church of la Pietat is located in a place where, according to tradition, the relics of Saint Luciano and Saint Marciano were found in 1050. In this place, in the 12th century the church of Sant Sadurní was built. During the 15th century, the Montcada family decided to reform the church, as it had been damaged by earthquakes. Since 1454, the church was dedicated to the Virgin of the Pietat. The current building began to be constructed in 1630, and the great baroque facade was built in 1664 by the architect Josep Morató.

The church of La Pietat consists of a large nave with side chapels. The nave is divided into six different sections, and underneath the transept there is a quadripartite arch. There are also different side chapels, and each section is marked by stucco arches.

What is most striking about this church is the main façade. The main door is flanked by two pairs of columns that are attached to the wall, and which are seated on a pedestal where the coat of arms of Vic is. The capitals of these columns are Corinthian, and above them there is a frieze with angels and sculpted scrolls. Above the entrance door, there is a niche where the image of the Pietà is located.

Above the entrance door there is a porthole with geometric stained glass and decorations around it. In addition, the façade ends with triangular scrolls and pinnacles, on the side parts, as well as a broken triangular pediment, in the central part.

On this façade there is also an inscription, in red letters, “ROMA”, although the state of this inscription is increasingly deteriorated.