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The church of El Remei is located in the Remei Street, 40, in the urban centre of the city of Vic, in the region of Osona.

Originally, this church, which was a work of the architect Joan Morató, was consecrated in 1753. This church burned down during the Spanish Civil War. In 1958, it was decided to rebuild the church of El Remei, work of the architect Manuel Gausà, although this reconstruction is unfinished.

The church of El Remei has a baroque façade, with a winding headboard. In the lower part, there are three portals with semicircular arches, which are supported by pillars that lead to an atrium. Above the three portals, there is a niche without any image. Above the niche there is a rose window and a porthole, and the façade ends with three pinnacles.

The church of El Remei has only one nave, and parts of the façade and the interior have yet to be finished.