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The castle of Tona is located on a hill to which it gives its name, touching the urban centre of Tona.

The first news that we have of the Castle of Tona goes back to the year 889, with the consecration of the church of Sant Andreu de Tona.

From the old castle of Tona only one defence tower remains. It is a quadrangular tower with a barrel vaulted roof. The height of the tower is about 8 metres, and it is separated from the Plan del Castillo by a moat that is 5 metres wide.

The tower of Tona Castle was built with the formwork technique, a type of wall, and even today you can see the negatives of the formwork. In addition, in the tower we can also see a large number of holes, which served to locate the different scaffolding.

Although some attributed the orgien of this tower in Roman times, we can say that this is a construction of the tenth – eleventh centuries.

From this point, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Plana de Vic, and the Tagamanent gorge.