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The Castle of Sant Llorenç del Munt, also known as the Castle of the Cerdans, is located in the Natural Park of the Guilleries – Savassona, within the municipality of Sant Julià de Vilatorta.

The first news we have of this castle dates from the year 884. During the 11th century a Benedictine monastery dedicated to San Lorenzo was founded. With the creation of the monastery, part of the castle became monastic quarters.

The Castle of Sant Llorenç del Munt was rebuilt during the 20th century.

A legend related to this castle has been preserved. According to legend, in medieval times the castle was inhabited by friars. They were of the same order as the friars who lived in Casserres. The community of San Lorenzo lived badly with what little they could cultivate, but their members were very intelligent.

Apparently, this community fell in love with the Catalan king, because he did not listen to their requests. The tension between the Catalan king and the community of friars was very great, and one day the friars decided to kidnap the king.

When the king was freed from his kidnapping, he issued an order to close the monastery of San Lorenzo. He also wanted to take prisoner all the friars who lived there. The mayor of Folgueroles received the written order, but since he could not read it, he asked the friars to read the order aloud. Evidently, the friars invented a story and, deceiving the mayor, made him return to Folgueroles. That night, the friars fled from San Lorenzo.

Since the king had no news of the mayor of Folgueroles, he contacted him and discovered that all the friars had fled. From that moment on, everyone who wanted to hold the office of mayor had to prove that they could read and write.