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The castle of Lluçà is located in the municipality of Lluçà, and crowns a hill that bears his name. Today, only a few remains of the old castle are preserved. From this point, there are great views of both the Pyrenees and the Lluçanès plateau.

The first documentary news that we have of this castle are of century X, although we suppose that previously already there was some defensive construction. The visible remains of the castle of Lluçà date from the 13th-14th centuries. These remains are formed by a wall, as well as the remains of two cavalries. Next to the remains of the Castle of Lluçà, we can also see the circular chapel of Sant Vicenç de Lluçà.

A legend has been preserved in this castle. According to legend, in the creation of Al-andalus, the Arabs had conquered the castle of Lluçà. The lord of the castle, anxious to recover his castle, said he would give all his possessions to anyone capable of driving the Arabs out of the castle. The news spread like wildfire, and many of the neighbours tried to recover the castle, but all failed.

The promise of the lord of Lluçà reached the ears of Miralles, a young shepherd of the Miralles house. This young man had the idea of putting bells, borrombes and bells on his sheep, as well as placing lighted torches on the horns of his goats. Once he had everything done, he brought his flock up into the castle in the middle of the night. The Arabs, seeing the torches burning and hearing the noise of the bells, frightened, left the castle, thinking that a great army was heading there.

The lord of Lluçà recovered the castle, and all the inhabitants of Lluçà gathered in the castle to see how the lord of the castle fulfilled his promise. The lord of the castle made Miralles climb to the highest point of the castle and said to him “Miralles, everything you see you have”. Then the lord of Lluçà pulled a knife from his belt and gouged out the eyes of poor Miralles. Since then, all the neighbours, when they crossed Miralles, said to him “Miralles, everything you see you have”.