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The castle of Creixenturri is located to the west of the Collet d’en Sivila, within the municipality of Camprodon, in the Ripollès region.

The first documentary mention we have of the castle of Creixenturri dates from 1218. This castle was built by order of Albert de Sant-romà.

The castle of Creixenturri was affected by the earthquake of 21 June 1327, and was remodelled in 1331. However, the earthquake of 1428 affected this castle again, and it was abandoned. It can be said, therefore, that despite being abandoned, during the 16th century, the castle of Creixenturri served as a refuge for bandits. In order to prevent it from being a refuge for bandits, the Viceroy Marquis of Tarifa had the castle of Creixenturri demolished in 1554.