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Can Ximenes is a building located at Carrer Barcelona, 2, just at the intersection with Carrer de la Riera, and Muralla de Sant Llorenç Street. This location is in the urban centre of Mataró, in the Maresme region.

The current building of Can Ximenes is located on the line where the old wall of Mataró used to pass. On the façade of the current building we can still see the coats of arms of Catalonia, of the city of Mataró, and of Barcelona, which were on the old gate, on the wall, of Barcelona.

Can Ximenes was rebuilt in 1980 by the architect Miquel Brullet Montmany, as the previous building was in a state of ruin. This building has a ground floor and three upper floors. Throughout the façade, we can see different attached pilasters, with Ionic capitals. In addition, the balconies of the second and third floors are supported by signs.