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Can Pallàs is a modernist house situated on the corner of the square and the road to Vic, right in the centre of Taradell.

This building was built in 1917, but unfortunately we do not know its architect. This building consists of a ground floor and two floors.

In the corner of the square there is a portal with a stone lintel decorated with a window with scrolls. In the corner of the building, there is a window of centenary arch, divided in two parts by a small pillar and some scrolls. A lion’s head is also sculpted. Above this opening is a stone balcony framed with sgraffito and decorations with glazed tiles. This balcony has a ceiling that is supported by an elliptical column of exposed work.

On the second floor there is a terrace with exposed brick railings. In addition, the two floors of the corner of the road to Vic, we can see windows decorated with geometric shapes.