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Can Montal on the right is a building located at Bisbe Pare Fita Street, 1, in the town centre of Arenys de Mar, in the Maresme region.

This building consists of a ground floor and two upper floors. The elegance of the façade of this building is highlighted by the sgraffito on the first floor, with garlands and panels. The gallery of semicircular arch windows on the second floor may also attract our attention. However, the most striking feature of this building is the eaves of the overhang, which is decorated with glazed ceramics of different colours.

Can Montal on the right was the birthplace of Fidel Fita Colomer (Arenys de Mar, 1835 to 1918). Fidel Fita was an eminent historian and philologist, and directed the Royal Academy of History. On the main façade we can see a bronze medallion with the bust of Fidel Fita. This medallion, dated 1917, is inscribed between classical columns and a semicircular pediment bearing the signature of A. Sanguinetti.