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In front of the first line of coast of Vilassar de Mar, in the region of the Maresme, concretely in the Sant Pau Street, 7, we found a building of modernist style, Can Matamala.

This building was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and was designed by the local architect Eduard Ferrés Puig.

Can Matamala, this house at Sant Pau Street, 7, is made up of a ground floor, two upper floors and a rooftop. On the first floor, we can see a grandstand that is supported by different pillars.

The most outstanding feature of this building is the ornamental use of ceramics, especially the white tile that covers a large part of the elements that make up the building, such as the balustrades, the walls, the decorative garlands, the pillars, etc.

At the top of the building, it is finished off by a ceramic decoration of different colours, as well as a cornice supported by corbels, and a balustrade with four pinnacles crowned by spheres, as well as decorative borders that outline the whole.